Korg m50 oriental sounds

Give your Korg M50 a New World flavour which covers music from both Worlds, East and West. Few sounds to name: Zourna, Kanon, Oud, Arabic Guitars, Gypsy . Piano & Natural Voices. Keyboard. A Across The Milky Way .. Rad M50 Breakbeat Jam! BassSplits. C Oriental Dance [Dance]. Underground. I recently bought an m i play oriental/middle eastern music.. and page select, scales is not working on some sounds from program.. i set.

Korg M50 - Greek Sounds Set, 97, 28/11/ Korg PA . Korg Pa - Arabic & Oriental Styles and Sounds Set Popular, , 28/01/ 02 . Korg M3 KARMAfied Oriental Set Released!!! Korg M3: Combis, Programs, and Sound Programming. The sound won't make the music "oriental", only the composer behind . I'm going to buy a Korg M50, because it sounds better and is more fun.

KORG PA ORIENTAL 61 KEYS NEW KEYBOARD Sporting a beastly sound, the KingKorg is the ideal poly synth for writing, performance, and KORG M50 WORKSTATION 61 KEY SYNTHESIZER SYNTH w/ POWER SUPPLY. , 00 $.