Sacred 2 community patch 0140

The Community Patch for the Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood pc game works with . Patchnotes CM-Patch v (Summer Release ). CM Patch Highlights: Text, UI, and Quest Fixes. By Flix, September 17, . 18 replies; 1, views. Androdion ยท February Hi all, I've just been trying to install the community patch mod but can't get it to work. I've tried hf and and they both do the same thing.

You might be able to get the Community Patch by using the Wayback Machine for The site has been offline for the last week or. Anyone who downloaded the patch to , we recommend to download the new version of cm-patchhf. Last edited by Zidders;. Sacred 2 Community Patch's main goal is to have a proper questlog, and tweaking .. Patchnotes CM-Patch v (Summer Release ).

New Sacred 2 CM Patch V on . Problem with patching is the hotfix for V That one is not properly detected by. Sacred 2: Ice & Blood - Ice & Blood Unofficial Patch vhf - Game mod - Other things achieved by this patch are Unlocking XMAS-Island. Results 1 - 15 Sacred 2 ice and blood patch crack voodoo Sacred 2 Patch Sacred 2 Community Patch (cracked) (Sacred 2 Gold) RUS.