Jumpstart typing game

5 Dec - 51 min - Uploaded by Lingyan Jumpstart Typing Longplay Jumpstart Typing is a skills-based JumpStart game released by. 15 Mar - 40 min - Uploaded by Whoa, I Remember That Game! (Knowledge Adventure) () Become an Extreme Key-Boarder While Playing Cool Games. JumpStart Typing Release Date Available on CD-ROM Recommended Age JumpStart Typing is a skills-based JumpStart game released by Knowledge.

Typing Games. Type For Your Life. Start Playing English games. Play fun games to practice reading, spelling, and build vocabulary. Start Playing  Star Wars Typing Game | touch - Typing Race - Typing Adventure - Typing Chef. Kids can play games that focus on reading, math, typing, vocabulary and even science. As they play, kids develop and improve scholastic skills such as reading, . Outside the Keyboard Training Center, Botley joins the user for the games, which the user plays to win gold, silver and bronze.

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